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Emeritus of Sylvanas EU - A three day a week Semi-Hardcore guild

Emeritus Guild Charter


Age quod agis (Do what you do and do it well)


Emeritus provides competitive raids for players with a life.


We will complete the raid content while it is current.


• Guild Master: The source of final decisions when needed.

• Admin: The people that get things done.

• A Dragon name: Raider in one of the raid team, each team has it's own Dragon name.

• Raid Ready: Folks who have proven themselves capable to raid, but cannot commit to a team or are yet to find one.

• Casual: Great folks that we like.

• On the Bench: Try-outs.

Raid Rules

  1. Any member can host a raid and be Raid Leader.
  2. The raid leader invites whom s/he wants.


•  List of Admins

Raid Teams

If you are interested in joining a team, post in their forum and get to know the members of the team.
•  Raid Teams Forum  •

Rated Battleground Leaders

If you are interested in joining rated battlegrounds, contact an Admin or post on the forum about making a team:
 • PvP Forum
GuildOx rankings GuildOx rankings

Raid reports

Raid Schedule

Weekday Time Type EPGP
Wednesday 19:00-23:00 Emeritus Raid Team Dependent
Thursday 19:00-23:00 Emeritus Raid Team Dependent
Friday 19:00-23:00 Free Day (Fun runs etc) No
Saturday 19:00-23:00 Free Day (Fun runs etc) No
Sunday 19:00-23:00 Emeritus Raid Team Dependent
Monday 19:00-23:00 Emeritus Raid Team Dependent
Tuesday 19:00-23:00 Emeritus RBG No
Some groups have different times. Check their section on the forum.

Core Values

•  The raiders drive and ambition is the key to our success

Your raid performance is your responsibility. There is no excuse for being a bad player. Answers like "I don't know" or "It is not my fault" are useless. Know what you are doing and why. Don't wait to be told. Do your own research. Strive to be the best player and person you can be.

•  We talk to each other, not about each other

We are human, and fallible. If you get upset, sad or angry, talk to the person(s) involved. Don't gripe behind their back, and definitely don't remain silent.

•  Show us, don't tell us

If you are good, show us. Get the enchant now, not next week. Show us what you have done, not the hollow promises of what you will do. There is a fire in your heart and a passion for raiding. Let us see the results.

•  We learn from our mistakes

If you made a mistake, be happy. By telling us what happened, we can all avoid it the next time. Shifting blame onto others is worthless. Knowing what happened is priceless.

•  We teach and learn, when necessary, as necessary

Are you doing 20% less than another player in your class? Ask her for help and all can learn from it. Is that raider in the wrong spot? Send a friendly whisper. Did you find an awesome, add-on, build, video, tactic? Make a post on the forum and share what you know.

•  We value and try to maintain a friendly atmosphere

We raid for fun. Therefore, we try to maintain a friendly social atmosphere during our raids. When in doubt on how to address that person that just made a huge mistake, imagine (s)he is your best, but overly sensitive friend.

•  Things take time

Be patient. Plan for the long term in your gear, skill and raid plans. Progress is built upon wipes and time. Expecting results here and now only causes disappointment.

BoE Raid Drops & other valuable goods

Items in slot 7 "Quarantine" are only accessible by Admins. If you want an item there, make a post on the forum and make your bid. Minimum bid is half AH-price. Maximum initial bid is 10k gold. After three days an Admin will award it by Rank and then highest bid.

Contact information
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What? Your 'Emeritus' is Evolving!
28/03/2013 18:46 by Spiriel

Hello to the young, old and prospective Emeritus Guildies!

Emeritus is having some changes.

We are currently looking for Raid Leaders to form new teams (10 or 25) within the guild. Please take a look at our public forum about out recent changes. Contact Quasark for more information.

Last but not least, if you have any ideas to improve the guild yourself, please feel free to chip in!

Over and out,


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